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Our beautiful East Yorkshire wedding venue is the perfect place to say “I do”. We specialise in making dreams come true, and are experts in ensuring your special day runs smoothly.

We’re sharing six reasons to wed your beloved at Carlton Manor this year.

Newly renovated for 2022

Our Grade II listed manor house is currently undergoing stunning renovations, ready to reopen in Spring/Summer 2022. From our magnificent new ceremony barn to our beautiful glamping pods, we’re sure you will adore every detail. Delight in being amongst the first to experience the new Carlton Manor.

Choose your ideal ceremony backdrop

How do you picture walking down the aisle? At Carlton Manor, your wedding ceremony can be held wherever you wish. Select your perfect place, including our ceremony barn, the idyllic grounds and picturesque tipi. Whichever location you select, expect stunning views over the East Yorkshire countryside.

Enjoy exclusive, private use of the entire grounds

For the entirety of your celebrations, you and your party will indulge in exclusive access to our extensive grounds. Uninterrupted privacy allows you to celebrate your special day with the people you love the most. Create magical memories that you, your friends and your family will hold dear forever.

Extend the romance by sleeping over

Our wedding venue near Beverley can sleep up to 18 guests in the Manor House, and will soon hold luxurious glamping pods and two cosy cottages. Relax in the assurance that you don’t need to coordinate your accommodation and travel on your big day. After a wonderful evening, sink into our luxurious beds with your beloved.

Transition from ceremony to reception with ease

With the entirety of our wedding venue at your disposal, your day can transition how you please. Perhaps hold your ceremony in the barn with a champagne toast in the courtyard. Afterwards, meander over to the tipi for a delicious wedding breakfast, then dance the night away. No need to worry about transporting your wedding party between venues.

Completely customisable to your taste

Experience a truly unique day; our Yorkshire wedding venue can be completely tailored to your choosing. It’s our job to make your dream wedding come true, and an important part of that is personalisation. Hand-pick from our list of trusted partners for catering, activities, decor and more, or select your own.

However you imagine your perfect wedding, at Carlton Manor, we can make it a reality. Whether your vision is big or small, we’d be delighted to be a part of it.

Give us a call or enquire today to discover more about our Yorkshire wedding venue.

We’re all familiar with the major wedding anniversary traditions, but where did they come from? Our modern customs are often linked to ancient symbols and beliefs. 

In this blog, our East Yorkshire wedding venue uncovers the secrets behind our most-loved anniversary symbols.

First Wedding Anniversary: Paper

Paper is often misinterpreted, with many people believing it relates to money. In truth, paper fibres are firmly bonded together, symbolising the strong connection of marriage. Paper can also represent your new marriage as a blank sheet or a new start.

Fifth Wedding Anniversary: Wood

Building on from paper, wood represents an even stronger marriage with more wisdom. Your bond has become even more solid with deeper, entwined roots. In Wales, this date was traditionally accompanied by a gift of intricately carved wooden spoons.

Tenth Wedding Anniversary: Tin

Used to store things, tin preserves items and keeps them safe. It is also frequently used as plating, as it prevents other metals from corroding. This means that tin can prolong the life of what it holds, symbolising a long and happy marriage.

15th Wedding Anniversary: Crystal

Crystal was chosen for its clarity, luxuriousness and transparency. After 15 years of marriage, you and your beloved are sure to see each other clearly. Crystal also sparkles beautifully in the light, symbolising how your marriage will continue to gleam for years to come.

20th Wedding Anniversary: China

A centuries-old tradition, china has many associations. Its beauty represents the value of a happy, 20-year relationship. It is also delicate, demonstrating a bond that has been carefully looked after and treated with love and respect.

25th Wedding Anniversary: Silver

A precious metal that lasts forever when properly cared for, it’s no wonder that silver marks 25 years of marriage. This tradition began when the Romans crowned their wives with silver wreaths on their 25th anniversary, representing the value of marriage. Silver is also thought to represent wealth and magic, bringing luck to those who wear it.

30th Wedding Anniversary: Pearl

Cultivated over many years, pearls represent wisdom in many cultures, but also a dedication to your beloved. A symbol of hidden beauty, this precious object is found inside an oyster shell. They reflect that after 30 years you and your partner may have changed on the outside, but it’s the inside that counts.

40th Wedding Anniversary: Ruby

The colour of love, a red ruby is the perfect symbol of a long-standing marriage. Traditionally used to enhance romance and devotion, rubies reflect the still-burning flame in the hearts of couples who have been together for 40 years.

50th Wedding Anniversary: Gold

One of the most precious metals, gold symbolises prosperity, strength and elegance. It is also thought that when the Romans reached 50 years of marriage, they crowned their wives with a gold wreath. After a lifetime together, there is no better symbol of happiness than this. 

Looking forward to celebrating these major milestones with your beloved? At Carlton Manor, we know how important your wedding day is to symbolise the start of your life as a married couple. 

Contact us via phone or enquire today to find out how we can create your dream wedding.

Recently engaged? We have your dream wedding available now for 2022!

Book your summer 2022 wedding at Carlton Manor to receive three nights stay for the price of two.

Set within the idyllic Yorkshire countryside, our new Ceremony Barn is the perfect place to take your vows. As the day unfolds, continue your celebrations and entertain your guests in our magnificent Tipi. Exclusively yours for the weekend, the luxurious Manor House sleeps up to 18 guests in eight bedrooms. Brand new for 2022, we also have 12 self-contained Glamping Pods within the grounds, along with three Studio Cottages.


Price includes:

3 night stay with exclusive use of Carlton Manor & grounds.
Seating for 120 guests in the Ceremony Barn.
Up to 200 guest capacity for evening receptions in the Tipi.
Including tables, chairs and glassware.
Fully stocked bar and bar staff.
Full co-ordination for civil ceremonies.
8 Bedrooms, 12 Pods and 3 studio cottage rooms, sleeping up to 50 people, with luxury towels & toiletries.
Free wifi and smart TV’s throughout the house.
Secure on-site parking for guests staying in the accommodation.


Terms and Conditions: 3 nights stay for the price of 2 available on selected dates in Summer 2022. All of the above is subject to availability at the time of written confirmation. Please note there is an additional +10% for all bookings on Bank Holiday weekends. All prices are including VAT. Deposit required to secure booking

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    Start planning: the biggest wedding trends for 2022 are out. The new year brings a fresh perspective on long-loved traditions, and we expect to see lots of personalisation. In this blog, our Yorkshire wedding venue shares some of the most popular trends we expect to see.


    Earthy, Natural Colour Schemes

    Bring the outside in and breathe life into your wedding, inspired by a new consciousness and appreciation for nature. Rust is predicted to be a popular colour for the year, signalling a move away from crisp whites and pastels. Terracotta pots, driftwood, linen, and dried flowers are core decorations, creating a sophisticated palette of nudes, coffees, caramels, and soft pink.


    Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

    Brides are constantly searching for something new and different. A two-piece wedding dress enables you to mix and match to suit your taste, and create a truly unique look. A contemporary take on the traditional, you can transform your look from day to night with the addition of an overskirt or changing of one piece. Ever versatile, and much easier to re-wear for brides who are eco-conscious.


    Alternative Entertainment

    Couples are really taking the opportunity to make their 2022 wedding their own, and entertainment is a huge part of this. From drag queens to axe throwing, photo booths to circus performers, this is a chance to have some fun. At Carlton Manor, we’ve seen giant Jenga, ice cream vans, bouncy castles, and photograph guest books to name a few. 


    Inside-Outside Experiences

    A seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces is what many couples are craving this year. Think patios, tipis, and barns which easily transition between one another. More elevated than a ‘backyard’ wedding, with an atmosphere of ‘secret garden’ sophistication. To increase the whimsical element, add fairy lights, draped fabric, and vintage decorations. It also allows for a safer celebration with plenty of fresh air.



    A combination of ‘anniversary’ and ‘reception’, anniceptions are a wedding-reception style celebration which takes place around your anniversary. With many couples having smaller celebrations over the past few years, this is a way of gathering all your friends and family for a bigger celebration. For more information, read AnniCeption: The New Wedding Trend You Need to Know.


    Rented Wedding Dresses

    While it’s not uncommon for grooms to rent their outfit, eco-conscious brides are now following their lead. Hiring a dress means designer brands are accessible for a fraction of the price, which is perfect for those who love their labels! Brides can also change their outfits throughout the wedding at a highly reduced cost, and don’t have to wait for their dress to be made-to-order.


    What does your dream 2022 wedding look like? At Carlton Manor, we can make it come true. At our exclusive-use venue, you can choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor backdrops to build your special day. Choose from our list of trusted suppliers, or find your own, for an unforgettable experience.


    Give us a call or enquire today to find out how we can create your perfect wedding.

    You may not have heard the term anniception before, but it’s set to take the wedding world by storm this year and next! Our country wedding venue in Yorkshire is delighted to answer all your burning questions about this exciting new wedding trend.


    What is an anniception?

    Anniception: a conjunction of the words anniversary and reception.

    Through a year of postponements, downsizing and virtual wedding ceremonies, many couples opted for smaller wedding celebrations. Promising a larger get-together later, the anniception came to life!

    An anniception is a second wedding celebration, where you can fulfil your wildest dreams. Posing as an extension to your original wedding day, couples can cut the cake, have a first dance and enjoy all the best wedding traditions. In short, an anniception is your wedding reception, just without the ceremony before.


    How is it different from an anniversary party?

    Whereas an anniversary party is a celebration of the couple after a certain number of years, an anniception is a celebration of the wedding day. You can choose to re-create your celebration, host the dream reception you never had, or do something completely different.

    Most importantly, anniceptions include speech-giving, dancing with your parents, tossing the bouquet and all the other elements we love from wedding receptions. You can even have a grand entrance if you wish.


    When should I have an anniception?

    Although it’s a new trend, an anniception will usually take place on the anniversary of your wedding – or as close as possible. That said, there’s no reason why an anniception can’t be a month, six months, or even six years after your original date!


    Should I keep the same venue and theme as my wedding?

    Continuity is something that many couples desire, but after some compromises in their original wedding, many decide to make their anniception different. You have no obligation to the original venue, but if you do hunt for somewhere new, make sure you check the reviews and take a look round.


    How hard is an anniception to plan?

    In all truth, it’s as hard as you want to make it! Some couples will choose to go all-out and have a huge celebration, whereas others may want to keep it intimate. We can promise you though, it won’t be as difficult to plan as your original wedding.


    Can I re-wear my wedding dress?

    Of course! You may have lots of friends and family who haven’t seen you in your bridal outfit yet, and many more who would love to see it again. You might have spent a lot of money on your dress or suit, and would love the opportunity to wear it again. The point of an anniception is to create a wedding reception experience, so relive the magical moment you put on your dress.

    That said, things can change in a year, and if you don’t fancy putting on your original, or any, wedding dress, that’s perfectly okay! The most important thing is to feel happy in whatever you wear.


    Carlton Manor is a wedding venue near Beverley which is currently holding viewings for 2022 availability. Get in touch today to see how we can make your day perfect.

    A beautiful cake is the centrepiece for every wedding, treating both your eyes and your tastebuds. Traditional, floral or extravagant, the perfect cake will complement your decor. Tell your story by choosing something unique to you as a couple, influenced by marvellous and creative trends.


    In this blog, our Yorkshire wedding venue shares the most delicious wedding cake styles for you to tuck into.

    1. Hand painted illustrations

    Rather than three dimensional features, painterly illustrations create a softer look. Ideal for a boho bride, these cakes look marvellous when they take inspiration from their surroundings. Understated at first glance, closer looks reveal intricate details. Not a fan of florals? Choose abstract or angular art. It’s almost too beautiful to eat… almost. 

    2. Dark, black backgrounds

    Dare to try something different. Alternative brides will delight in these unique sculptures, a true statement and something no other wedding will have. Dark doesn’t mean sombre, with the background creating magnificent contrast with floral or angular embellishments. Choose a complementary pop of colour to make this cake sing.

    3. Gold leaf

    With a luxurious feel, gold leaf upgrades any cake. Subtle touches enhance other decorations with sparkle and sophistication. Alternatively, cover one tier of your cake entirely for a statement your guests will never forget. As delicious as it looks, spoil yourself with the extravagance of consuming real gold. It’s your special day, after all!

    4. Semi-naked icing

    The new favourite in rustic wedding trends. Semi-naked cakes are skimmed with a very thin layer of buttercream to reveal glimpses of the sponge underneath. Adorned with decorations taken from or inspired by nature, this cake can be enjoyed all year round. Ideal for people who usually pick off the icing!

    5. Waterfall florals

    Tumbling down the cake, this asymmetric detail creates effortless movement and life. Opt for light, sugar flowers for an airy aesthetic, mirror the flowers in the bridal bouquet, or be inspired by your venue’s surroundings. In the winter months, florals can be exchanged for cinnamon, pinecones, and evergreens. 

    6. Textured details

    Minimalism done right. Textured details are elegant, classic, and timeless – perfect for a more relaxed affair. Accents such as scalloping, lace-effects and lattices elevate otherwise plain cakes, adding uniqueness and personality. For complete continuity in theme, mirror the bride’s dress or chosen reception decorations. Pops of subtle colour or edible flowers make this trend shine.

    7. Real leaves

    You’ve seen real flowers on cakes for a while, but using leaves creates an exquisite effect. Edible or not, they bring the outside in and breathe life into your cake. Choose a few large, statement leaves for a sophisticated, simple look. Elevated and slightly edgy, the changing seasons bring new colours and styles to experiment with.


    No matter your taste, literally or visually, your dream wedding cake is just a bite away. Take inspiration from these beautiful trends, telling the tale of your romance. Carlton Manor is fully customisable, so you can see your wedding vision come to life. Enquire now to secure your perfect 2022 wedding.

    From the grand wedding cake to the first kiss, some wedding traditions have stood the test of time throughout the years. However, the history behind them is incredibly insightful and unexpected.

    Did you know that wedding dresses typically used to be red? Or that wedding cake used to be made of bread? In this blog, our wedding venue near Beverly lists seven wedding traditions and the history behind them.

    1. The white wedding dress

    Did you know that before the mid-1800s, brides wore red? It wasn’t until around 1840 that wearing white to wed your beloved became popular! Queen Victoria started the trend when she wed Prince Albert in a gown that symbolised wealth.

    2. The wedding cake

    Originally wedding cakes were made of wheat to symbolise prosperity, which the groom would sprinkle over the bride’s head for good luck. Guests would then eat the crumbs to share in the success. Similarly, eating the modern wedding cake today in a neater fashion is said to bring good fortune.

    3. “Tying the knot”

    This phrase is commonly used to refer to the marriage ceremony, associated with an unbreakable vow. The phrase actually comes from an ancient Celtic ritual of handfasting, where knots of cloth were tied around the couple’s hand. This symbolises them being ‘bound’ together in matrimony.

    4. Something “old, new, borrowed and blue”

    This tradition dates back from the Victorian era, where good fortune is said to come to those that wear everything mentioned. “Something old” is worn to connect the bride to her past and family, and “something new” represents her life to come with her husband. “Something borrowed” is commonly an item from someone already married (to pass on the good luck) and “something blue” conveys loyalty.

    5. Throwing rice

    In more recent years, this tradition has been swapped for confetti, flower petals and even bubbles. Rice was used to symbolise rain, which showered the bride and groom with fortune and prosperity directly after their ceremony. Quite the send-off!

    6. The ring bearer

    Responsible for carrying the couple’s wedding rings down the aisle, the ring bearer has a very important job indeed. A small child typically takes on this role, to reflect the future and new beginnings. Using a pillow to carry the rings symbolises that the bride and groom’s dreams will come true.

    7. The first kiss

    Although this is one of the more elegant aspects of the wedding ceremony, it has not always been a romantic gesture. In ancient Rome, this was simply used to seal the wedding agreement. However, in Catholic ceremonies, it used to be customary for the priest to give a “kiss of peace” to the groom. This would then be passed on to the bride, to bless the marriage.

    Whatever you have in mind for your wedding, the Carlton Tipi is a blank canvas for you to dress to your heart’s desires. Get in touch with us today to secure your 2022 wedding.

    With hundreds of guests and registered gift lists to consider, buying a unique wedding gift is not easy.

    Feel like being the favourite guest? Make the happy couples’ big day one to remember with one of these non-traditional wedding gifts.

    1. Subscription-based gifts

    This one really is the gift that keeps on giving. Subscription gifts can be tailored to any personality. For example, you might consider a book club subscription for the genres the newlyweds love – perfect for a honeymoon read!

    Or, why not prolong the memory of the wedding with a monthly wine subscription? You could start with the tipple from the day itself, before moving on to complementary grapes and flavours.

    2. Couples’ classes

    As the bride and groom embark upon a new chapter in their life, they’re set to try an array of new things. Why not broaden their horizons by investing in some lessons? These can range enormously from golf lessons to acting classes, cocktail mixology or even couples’ massage.

    They’ll thank you for the new skill and even impress you with it – perhaps by saying thank you in another language?

    3. Gifts for lords and ladies

    You’ve heard of sponsoring a star – now what about getting your own piece of land with a title to match? Buy the newlyweds a souvenir Lord and Lady title with a certificate outlining their new monikers. It’s one thing to change your surname, but another to become a ‘Lady’ overnight!

    They can even use their dedicated land to plant a tree or bush to symbolise their commitment. There’s no photo moment quite like it.

    4. Photo shoot vouchers

    By now, the couple will be well-used to having their photos taken. Why not invest in a post-honeymoon shoot, or save it for even later down the line if they’re planning to extend their family?

    Photo shoots give your loved ones the chance to look their best and treasure the moment forever – just like their big day. You can even go experimental with a baby ‘cake smash’ shoot, a trend that has made its way over here from the United States!

    5. A board game compendium

    The happy couple may wish to start entertaining as a wedded pairing now. So, make it more fun with a selection of board games – anything from the classic Scrabble and Jenga to something more specialised.

    This is a great choice for those with quirky tastes. And, if they’re already into their wine subscription, this makes for one unforgettable party.

    6. The latest console

    If your budget’s a little bigger, why not let the couple spruce up their home with the latest console? Video games are a magnificent alternative to boxset nights in, and once again, they’re great for entertaining friends. From standard hand-held controllers to dancing and sports games, a console is guaranteed to offer hours of fun.

    7. Wedding venue keepsakes

    Nothing says a well-thought-out gift like a keepsake box. Add all the little treasures from the venue, including name cards, wedding cake toppers and much more. Our team at Carlton Manor will be only too happy to help you gather the intricate mementoes to make this gift extra special.

    8. Personalised watercolours

    A photo shoot is one thing, but what about immortalising the happy couple in a watercolour painting? Commission your favourite artist to paint the bride and groom, children and pets all in one – in their favourite setting.

    This makes a welcome addition to any entrance hall and will keep them smiling for years to come.

    9. Their wedding playlist

    In days gone by, this may have been on cassette or CD. You can take this traditional route for a homemade gift or bring it into the 21st Century with a streaming service. Speak to the wedding DJ and ask for all the tunes from the evening.

    Don’t forget to make that iconic first dance the first song on the playlist!

    10. Mr and Mrs…just about anything!

    The his ‘n’ hers revolution is here to stay. Make it their own with personalised salt and pepper pots, candles, mugs, doormats, planters and much more. You can add their names or your own message of good wishes.

    What better way to commemorate their big day than a reminder with everyday household items?

    Say it with a venue

    Whether you’re the bride, groom or wedding guest, our team at Carlton Manor is always on-hand to help.

    Looking to secure your dream wedding day? To see our luxury East Yorkshire wedding venue in person, book a viewing today.

    Welcome to Carlton Manor, our luxury wedding venue in East Yorkshire, near Beverley. The historic site in the hamlet of West Carlton has recently been renovated to an exceedingly high standard in order to fulfill our goal of making dreams come true.

    This blog will lead you step-by-step around our venue. From the beautifully renovated manor house, to the Carlton Tipi and extensive grounds, we can’t wait to show you what we have to offer…

    Step inside the manor house

    The manor house, built in 1901, has recently been renovated to the highest level, whilst still preserving the property’s stunning infrastructure. It hosts eight wonderful guest suites, including a two-double bed suite on the ground floor which is perfect for accessibility. With both twin and double rooms, the house sleeps up to 18 guests in total, making it ideal for weddings, group getaways and family retreats.

    Upstairs, the bridal suite is our pièce de résistance. Sleep in a luxury super king bed, soak in the indulgent copper roll-top bath with a glass of fizz, and fling open the french doors to take in gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside.

    Downstairs, curl up with a book in our cosy sitting room, or come together for a meal in our modern country kitchen. Carlton Manor is a beautiful place to be together, so the spacious kitchen, including the leather seating booth, is designed to host family and friends, whatever the occasion. Cook yourselves a delicious meal on a midweek trip away, or use it as an informal space for your event.

    Our bespoke wedding facilities

    We are excited to say that our current ceremony space is soon to be extended into a breath-taking ceremony barn. This glorious space will provide the most romantic backdrop for our couples to say their vows in front of their loved ones. Seating up to 100 guests, the ceremony barn will flood light through the elegant glass windows overlooking the landscaped courtyard.

    Just beyond the courtyard is the Carlton Tipi, where you can entertain up to 200 of your chosen guests. This standout ceremony or reception venue delivers the wow-factor and can be decorated to suit your chosen wedding theme. Magnificently unique and at one with nature, our tipi is perfect for weddings and other events, whatever the weather!

    The manor grounds

    If the british blue skies present themselves, your guests can enjoy our terrace seating and two acres of exquisitely manicured grounds. Not to mention 360 views over rolling, peaceful Yorkshire countryside.

    Ramble through the picturesque surrounding countryside (we recommend the Trans Pennine Trail!), pop to the charming seaside towns of Aldbrough, Hornsea, and Withernsea, or swap the peaceful countryside for the bright lights of Hull and hit the boutique shops of Humber Street for some retail therapy.

    To see our luxury venue in person, check out retreat or wedding availability or enquire now for a wedding consultation with our general manager.